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Graduate Engineer JOSEF AICHHOLZER

Architect / civil engineer for the construction industry
Sworn and Certified Court Expert


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Areas of Expertise

Aichholzer Civil Engineering has been an unaffiliated, impartial company since 1993, representing only the interests of our clients.

We specialize in Real Estate Analysis, including Structural and Building Regulation Assessment, as well as Real Estate Appraisals to determine your property's economic potential ...
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Streamlined efficiency

Engineering issues require expert solutions!

Our company's streamlined structure enables us to offer our full range of services in any location in Austria, as well as fulfil specific tasks abroad if required.
Since the beginnings of our company, we have built up long-term collaborations with a wide range of external service providers – allowing us to focus our full attention on resolving technical problems, addressing building law regulation issues, and providing expert organizational support to our clients.
We are able to scale our services to the size and complexity of each individual project, by involving our long-term partner firms to the exact degree required – giving you the benefit of the lowest possible overhead costs.