... so you can achieve what YOU have imagined!

Graduate Engineer JOSEF AICHHOLZER

Architect / civil engineer for the construction industry
Sworn and Certified Court Expert


AICHHOLZER Property-Check

If you are considering buying a property:
Prospective buyers are immediately faced with an array of vital considerations. Does the asking price conform to the property's current market value? Is the building in a structurally sound condition? Will there be any issues regarding building law regulations? Is the property in a potential flooding area?

If you are considering selling your property:
Which price can you realistically achieve within the current market?
Are there alternative ways of marketing your property – for example, could it be divided into several small units to be marketed separately?
Is a sale indeed your best option, or could a different use of the property be to your economic advantage?

As experts in the field, we will analyze each situation, answer your questions from the vantage point of professional experience, and accompany you throughout the entire process of buying or selling your property.

... so you can achieve what YOU have imagined!

Rest assured with the AICHHOLZER Property-Check:

  • Buyer's Advice
  • Seller's Advice
  • Property Evaluations
  • Risk Assessment: Flooding
  • Fire Safety Check
  • Land Register Check
  • Building Surveys
  • Building Law Analysis
  • Concept development of potential alternative uses
  • Ongoing support until completion of purchase/sale